Elitza Hristova

chief assist. prof.

Dr. Elitza Hristova has a PhD  in psychology. She serves as an internationally certified trainer in social competencies, consultant in organizational development, management and human resources management, specialist and practitioner in the application and use of coaching in the development and management of human resources, with certified coaching skills, facilitation and procedural consulting of teams.
Elitza Hristova’s research interests are in the field of management psychology, social, organizational and applied psychology, organizational diagnostics and counseling. She has publications in the field of occupational stress, the causes and strategies for dealing with occupational stress, burnout, coaching as a management tool and method for developing leadership skills and increasing managerial competence. She participated in various international projects and scientific conferences in the field of psychology and training in social competencies.
She has passed the following specialized and certified trainings: IESE Business School, University of Navarra, International Faculty Program – Barcelona, Spain, 2013; RPIC – VIP Ltd – Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2012; Society of Psychologists in Bulgaria and NGB Consulting EOOD, 2011; CEDEFOP Study Visit, Linkage Community Trust – UK, 2011; CEPOL European Police College – Vilnius, Lithuania, 2008.

Irina Yaneva

Institute of Psychology

Dr. Irina Yaneva has a PhD Degree in Psychology. She is a tenure-track chief expert at the Institute of Psychology of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Her scientific interests are in the field of organizational psychology, i.e. organizational culture, leadership and organizational communication. Her career includes experience in conducting trainings for the so-called soft competencies. She participates in the development of many methodologies for various European projects related to the gentle questioning of child victims of crime and human rights.

Andrey Simeonov

institute of psychology

Andrey Simeonov has a Bachelor degree in Psychology from City College, Thessaloniki, Greece – An International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, UK. He also holds a Master degree in Family Counselling from New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Mr. Simeonov is a certified Family and Marital Therapist at the Institute of Family and Marital Therapy – Bulgaria. Currently, he works at the Institute of Psychology at the Ministry of Interior, “Methods of Psychodiagnostics” Sector as a Chief Expert in Psychometrics and Psychodiagnostics.